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Bird Sitting

Just like furry pets, feathered loved ones develop strong attachments to their pet parents. Their happiness, health and well-being are based on a strong sense of routine and habit, and disrupting that routine can cause stress that in turn can cause molting, eating disorders and health issues. We’ll visit at least once daily to ensure that your feathered friends are safe and have fresh food and clean water.

We are happy to care for:

  • Chickens, ducks and other non-commercial poultry
  • Parrots large and small, including macaws and cockatoos
  • Other exotic and domestic birds, from finches and canaries to pigeons and doves, and more!

When you have to leave home behind for vacation or business, providing your birds with the consistent level of care they need is important to making sure they remain as healthy and unruffled as possible.

Your bird sitter will:

  • Feed your birds
  • Clean out cages daily
  • Provide fresh water daily
  • Clean out and refresh food bowls
  • Prepare and serve fruits, vegetables, and other dietary needs
  • Provide conversation and companionship

In addition, you will receive vacation services:

  • Bring in mail, flyers, newspaper and packages
  • Take out trash & recycling or bring back in
  • Water plants
  • Alternate lights
  • A text message so you can be assured all is well with your pet and your home


Visit our Service Rates page for pricing on bird sitting services.