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Small Animal Sitting

Exotic Pet Sitters in McKinney TX

Who knew so much love and sweetness could fit in such a tiny package? If you own a pet like a rabbit, iguana, hamster, guinea pig, or other small animal, you know how loveable and special these pets can be – and so do we!

When you need to leave your home, whether for a long business trip or vacation or just a quick “getaway” weekend, we can provide all the care your small mammal or exotic pet needs.

Top Dog Pet Sitters will:

  • Feed your pets
  • Clean out cages, daily
  • Provide fresh water
  • Provide companionship to tame pets
  • Clean out food bowls

We are happy to care for your:

  • Reptiles and amphibians
  • Domestic and exotic birds (from chickens to parrots, and more)
  • Indoor fresh/saltwater fish, outdoor pond fish and plants, aquaponic set-ups
  • Small mammals such as: guinea pigs, rats, sugar gliders, ferrets, rabbits, and more!

In addition, you will receive vacation service benefits:

  • Bring in mail, flyers, newspaper, and packages
  • Take out trash & recycling or bring back in
  • Water plants
  • Alternate lights and/or blinds
  • A pet journal email sent daily, so you can be assured all is well with your pet and your home


Visit our Service Rates page for pricing on exotic pet sitter services.