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Our Services

Professional McKinney and Melissa Pet Care Services

If you do not see a service that suits your needs, please contact us directly.

Dog Walking and Potty Breaks | $32/visit/3 pets (3+ pets $3/pet/visit)

When you return home each day, you’re met by an energetic pup who needs a walk and attention. They’ve been bored and look to you for fun and excitement. You need a dog sitter! Our sitters provide customized interaction and fun for your dog, allowing them to remain happy and healthy while you work or are unavailable.

Full Service Pet Sitting (Out of Town service) | $32/visit
Clients with more than 3 pets may pay a surcharge

Being away from your pets is not easy. This service gives you peace of mind knowing your pets and home are happy and safe while you’re not there. Learn more.

Cat Sitting | $32/visit/3 pets (3+ pets $3/pet/visit)

Cats are creatures of habit, and disruptions in their schedule can cause stress. Our cat care professionals can help keep your cats happy by providing regular care, feeding, and attention.

24 Hour Care | $450/day

Is your pup not accustomed to being alone? Let us provide you with peace of mind, and your pet, with companionship. The only time your pet will be alone during a 24 hour time period is for one hour in the morning, lunchtime, and dinner time, so that your pet sitter can grab a bite to eat, shower, or spend time with their own pet.

12 Hour Care | $250/day

If your pet prefers companionship during the day, consider 10 Hour Care. The only time your pet will be alone during a 12 hour time period is one hour at lunchtime and one hour around dinner time, so that your pet sitter can grab a shower, a bite to eat, or care for their own pet.

Overnight Pet Sitting | $150/night

If your pet prefers overnight attention, this is the best service for you! Our overnight pet sitting service provides your pet with interaction, snuggles, and a feeling of security.

Home Vacation Check  | $22/visit minimum

When you travel, do you worry about your home? Do you worry that packages left outside will signal that you’re not there? If so, this service is for you! We’ll keep your home looking occupied by rotating lights, collecting mail and packages, and ensuring trash bins are taken to the curb.

Small Animal Sitting | $32/visit

Our pet sitters love caring for small animals by keeping their homes clean, keeping them fed, and letting them know they’re loved.

Bird Sitting | $32/visit

Birds are creatures of habit and our bird sitting service helps them keep to their regular routine.

Pet Taxi/Errand Fee | $32/25 minutes plus IRS mileage rate

Our pet taxi service comes in handy for trips to the vet, the groomer, or another appointment that requires your pet to be transported to another location.

If you have questions about our services or need a specialized structure for your home or your pet, please contact us directly or call us at (214) 244-1629.