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Overnight Pet Sitting

Does your dog or other pet need additional companionship during the night? Overnight pet sitting in your home is the perfect solution!

Your pet sitter arrives at your home by 9:30 p.m. and leaves between 6-7 a.m. Overnight pet sitting is the next best thing to you being home! We will give your pets plenty of TLC and cuddle time.

We can sleep on your sofa or in your guest bedroom, we’ll bring our own food and drinks, and will leave your home clean and secure.

Benefits include:

  • Decrease in stress and anxiety for a pet who may feel abandoned during nighttime hours
  • Extra home security
  • Additional TLC for senior pets, pets with medical issues, or young pets, such as puppies and kittens
  • Your pet keeps his/her normal routine
  • Your pet will avoid the emotional and physical stress of being in a “pet hotel” or boarding


Visit our Service Rates page for pricing on overnight pet sitting in your home. Overnight Pet Sitting in McKinney TX