What is a special needs pet? Special Needs is a very broad term that includes physical disabilities, medical conditions, or behavioral issues that require expert care to manage. Top Dog Pet Sitters is trained in giving diabetic shots and IV fluids. Many of the pets we care for have physical challenges, such as blindness. Is your pup a senior that can no longer stand up? We know how to use a “belly sling” and help them outside. Have a Dachshund with back issues? We know how to express a bladder. Perhaps your pup is a rescue and has trust issues. We know how to approach a fur baby that is terrified of strangers. Are you working with a trainer to address behavior issues? We will meet with your trainer so that we can reinforce the training plan.

For more information on how we can help your special needs pet, visit our Contact page or call us directly at (214) 244-1629.

  Cat receiving shot from pet care professional