How to Make Your Dog’s Crate a Safe Place

It was a heartbreaking day for our pal Mazie, her humans, and those of us at Top Dog Pet Sitters. A freak accident happened. Mazie’s collar got hooked on a prong in her crate. Mazie managed to squirm out of her collar, but in the process, her left eyeball was gouged out. Yes, a horrific day for all.

How do pet parents ensure a pup’s safety without sacrificing comfort when spending time in a crate?

First, check your pup’s crate for any hinges or prongs that a collar or tags could get caught on.


WHERE to put a dog’s crate. Choose a crate location:

  • where your dog is most comfortable, can rest peacefully, and where space allows
  • in a low-traffic area
  • with an appropriate temperature. Avoid direct sunlight and drafty doors
  • away from hazards such as power cords, toxic plants, space heaters, or fireplaces


What SHOULD go in your dog’s crate?

  • To avoid a tipped-over water bowl, purchase a clip-on water bowl.
  • But, not all toys are created equal, not all are safe, and not every dog is ready for the privilege of having toys left in their crate unsupervised. Interactive puzzle feeders are a great choice if your dog is prepared for toys in the crate.
  • Use crate pads or dog-specific dog beds instead of blankets or your own sheets. Dogs often chew things apart and this can result in serious choking hazards. The right pad can also make your pet more comfortable.


What should NOT go in your dog’s crate?

  • Food bowl. If you want to feed your pup in the crate, do so when you are home and leave the crate door open. I don’t suggest leaving out a regular dog bowl of food in your dog’s crate since it can easily spill, and the bowl can take up precious space within the crate. You also don’t want your dog to decide that their food bowl makes an excellent chew toy.
  • Your dog’s collar. WWWHHHHAAAATTTT??? Correct, your dog should not wear a collar when in a crate because tags and/or the collar can become stuck, putting your pet at risk for strangulation.


Unfortunately, Mazie lost her eye but she is doing great!